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Site features: Mobile responsive site featuring social integration, product offering, and retail links with social tracking and ad management. Total pages, excluding blog posts and user submitted content: 37 

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Web Rebrand

Case Study

A high-profile lifestyle brand in the beauty industry was on the cusp of growing both their brick-and-mortar store base and their online social community exponentially. They wanted to quickly rebrand their existing company website in ways that elevated their brand, leveraged social content, and organically engaged consumers. They also needed to showcase their growing product line and drive conversions—without losing people in between.

After meeting with their executive team to align on their vision, goals, requirements and desired timeline, I scoped out the entire project scope and statement of work, noting key deliverables, deadlines and resources. Next, I developed a creative brand guide that visually captured the brand’s colors, images, and messaging themes. This enabled the client to envision holistically the overall look and feel of the site—and know ahead of time what to expect. It also enables them to communicate their feedback. It’s important to me that clients feel their voice is heard at all times.

A moodboard exploration helped determine color palette, textures, and feel.

A web guide was provided to RSL’s social media team to align brand across all digital platforms

ABOVE // BEFORE: The dated and “too-youthful” original Raw Sugar Living website

LEFT // AFTER: The new edgier, more RAW, sweet and earthy, optimized site

The next few weeks of site rebranding saw a reconfigured site navigation structure, the implementation of a highly responsive (and mobile-friendly!) web template theme, the integration of social apps (like their fast-growing Instagram profile), new images, copy headlines, videos, and more. I worked alongside two copywriters—one who wrote much of the corporate branding content (company story, messaging, etc.), and the other who developed product descriptions. I developed a streamlined project management workflow so that I could design and build web pages that most effectively conveyed the information in a timely way.

The final project culminated in a comprehensive and compelling site that championed not only the corporate brand but also its products and its thriving social community. It captured and conveyed the company’s mission, values and cultural vibe in an engaging way. Whether on browser, tablet or phone, the newly rebranded website simplified and optimized the entire consumer experience—from educating readers about the products and building brand credibility through third-party reviews, to featuring reader-friendly blog articles and integrated social platforms. The result: increased site traffic and customer conversions.

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  • Project Team: Cori Linder, lead copywriter, & Courtney Kretchman, product detail copywriter

real and raw, with added sweetness

  • Photo Credit: the Incredible artists at Unsplash.com and @RawSugarLiving